The First Naruto Certification Exam in Japan!

Ever had an argument with friends that you are a bigger Naruto fanatik then they are? Apparently there is a way to prove to them for once and forever that you are not a Naruto fanatik, but THE Naruto fanatik of all fanatiks. Granted, you have to get yourself over to Japan first to prove it…

You see, in December in Japan, the ‘First Naruto Certification Exam’ will be held themed after Mashashi Kishimoto’s manga Naruto. This exam will be all about Naruto’s early day covering episode 1-135 of the anime and volumes 1-27 of the tankobon volumes of the manga. The exam features 100 multiple-choice questions that will cover topics like famous dialogues, the Jutsus of characters, character profiles and popular scenes.

There are two levels of the exam. Junior Ninja level is for those fans who have a general understanding of the characters’ traits and a general knowledge of the story. The Journeyman Ninja level is for those hardcore fanatiks that knows Naruto so well that they can, well, answer anything Naruto in their sleep.

The exam features various cool prizes. The ‘ninjas’ that passes the exams will be presented with a certificate and a exclusively drawn illustration. For those who fail there is a consolation prize: an original bonus item.

The official exam date is December 13 in Tokyo and Osaka and sign-ups are already done on the official exam site on the web, but as from middle September people can also sign up at kiosks set up in major bookstores as well as Jump shops throughout Japan. The sign-up deadline is November 6. Fees for the Junior Ninja level exam is 4.500 yen (about US$38) and for the Journeyman Level Ninja exam, 9.000 yen (about US$76).

This is a great way to put your devotion and love for Naruto to the test, so if you are in Japan and want to show your ninja skills, go for it. AnimeFanatika is rooting for you all the way.

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