A look at breakfast in Japan

Watching anime, many of us are always fascinated by the dishes they eat. We always see Brock making breakfast for Ash and Misty in Pokémon and in the anime Koufuku Graffiti we see Ryou and the gang getting quite poetic over the food they taste. Being curious, AnimeFanatika wanted to find out more about just what the Japanese eat for breakfast.

First lets look at what Westerners like for breakfast. Depending on who you are your Western breakfast can include some of these: bread (regular or toasted), jam or marmalade, bacon or sausage. Some like their morning porridge or breakfast cereals and of course juice and the official jump-start power drink for most people: Coffee.

First we must all realize that in Japan their breakfast might be the same, and sometimes it is, but some also like a more traditional Japanese breakfast which includes rice (topped with natto and raw egg or just plain rice), miso soup and then some side dishes like broiled or grilled fish, tamagoyaki (rolled omelet), tukemono pickles, nori (Dried seaweed) etc.

Let us discuss some of the dishes in detail:

Rice – Some may think having rice for breakfast is weird but in Japan rice has been a crucial part of their diet for thousand of years.
Miso Soup – This soup is not just nutrition but very tasty – common ingredients usually are tofu, chopped green Onion, wakame seaweed (or spinach) and aburaage (deep-fried tofu) Of course every dish can differ as each individual has his or her own blend of extra goodies they add to their recipe.
Tsukemone (pickles) – various pickles like umeboshi (pickled ume plums) with the meal.
Natto (fermented soy beans) – They usually place the natto in a bowl, season it with soy sause and add some toppings they prefer and then stir it. This is usually placed on (or eaten with) rice.
Broiled fish – To some fish for breakfast might sound odd, but bare in mind that Japan is an island nation thus fish is a staple food. They prefer Broiled salted salmon or aji (dried horse mackerel) as breakfast food.
Nori (Dried seaweed) – they usually dip a strip of nori in soy sauce and roll some rice with it.
Tamagoyaki is a type of rolled omelet and often-grated daikon radish is served with it on the side.

Are you hungry for more? Then watch these videos with us as that further explores breakfast in Japan. Please follow the links. Itadakimasu minna!

First up we see how Tamagoyaki is prepared: http://bit.ly/Preparing_Tamagoyaki

Next we look as a little girl and her father makes breakfast and we even learn some chops tick etiquette! http://bit.ly/Japanese_Breakfast_girl_Version

Lastly we see a Westernized spin on Japanese breakfast as a cook role-play as story while preparing a Japanese breakfast: http://bit.ly/Japanese_Breakfast_Westernized_Version