Japanese short movies creates Mommy Awareness

Working moms are very unappreciated. Many people do not always grasp the trials and tribulations a mother has to go through, balancing a career and having a child on her shoulders.

From Tokyo, Japan to Pretoria, South Africa, to Las Vegas, Nevada mothers have to leave their little ones in someone’s care while working, and after work they have to take over from them. And EVERY ONE is all tired after work. We all try to not take our bosses yelling at us, or other work related negativity home with us. A child of five or even ten will have what really happens at a parent’s work. They only understands the world they, themselves, live in.

Just as Hana, the mother in the movie Okami kodomo no Ame to Yuki (Wolf Children) had to worry whether her wolf children should be taken to a vet or a human doctor, mothers in the normal world have toils and troubles themselves, like worrying at work when the day care informs them that their child has a fever or trying to get the children ready for school and herself ready for work.

Tokyo-based software company Cybozu wanted to show their support to mothers in the workplace and started a short movie series to raise awareness of the hardships working mothers are going through, to help husbands and co-workers understand the world of the working mom better. These movies start Eri Fukatsu, acting as a married working mother, trying to juggle a full-time job, housekeeping and motherhood.

In the first video we are sharing, a mom has problems dealing with time, loss of sleep and getting a message from the day-care that her child is sick. This video is a tearjerker and will open a lot of eyes. Here is the link to the short movie: http://bit.ly/Cybozu_no_Time

In the second video a male co-worker proudly shows her videos of his child on his smartphone and they start talking about how working parents wonder if they are appreciated leaving her to wonder if the male co-worker fully understands what a mother goes through. To watch the movie, please follow the link: http://bit.ly/cybozu_appreciation