Young Black Jack promo released.

Young Black Jack the beginning

Old school anime fanatiks might remember the anime Black Jack when it first aired in October 2004. He was known as a doctor of unfathomable skill that performed the impossible on the operating table, a doctor who charged his patients unbelievable fees, he did these surgeries without a license.

In that anime people turned to Black Jack when they have no hope left. Even animals like a killer whales! Black Jack liked dealing with medical cases not very well known, which could range from the strange to the outright dangerous. He healed without recognition; often curing the poor and destitute for free, or teaching the arrogant a lesson in humility.

He was a medical anti-hero-good-guy type, a surgical modern day Robin Hood with a scalpel, that charged his rich patients enormous fees, hurting their pockets, and treating the poor for free. He was super sugoi. Part of the anime Black Jack’s success was that in each of the episodes, a medical adviser was brought in to assist in making the ailments and medical procedures as realistic as possible, thus creating stories that were very realistic in a sense.

Now there is the new series called Young Black Jack coming to the screens in October, a prequel to the Black Jack anime about when he was still a medical student back in the 1960s. This is bound to be interesting and it will be good to see how the ‘good’ doctor started to become the man his fanatiks came to know and love.

A promotional video for the new upcoming anime series aired over the weekend. To have a peak at the promo, please follow this link: