Japanese Sushi Chef Skateboarding

Yes, you are reading right. If you are a serious sushi lover like Takeshi and Ookami from AnimeFanatika, you go out of your way to find new techniques and new tastes to accommodate your sushi eating habit. And since the first sushi was created round 150 years ago there were many techniques and recipes to choose from.

Creating sushi is a delicate art form as you have seen on a previous post on AnimeFanatika (don’t worry we will give you a link at the bottom of the page for those that missed our sushi article.) Now we introduce the art of making sushi with a skateboard. Okay I know now you wonder what the Jiraiya-sama we are talking about so here is the link, so join us and have a look at this innovative way to prepare food: http://bit.ly/skateboard_sushi

Here is our sushi article, please follow the link: http://bit.ly/How_to_eat_Sushi