The Return of Vampire Hunter D

If you ask most anime fanatiks that has been watching anime for about 30 years what anime movies will fit the bill as classic anime vampire horror, they would probably say Blood: The Last Vampire and Vampire Hunter D.

Vampire Hunter D, if you have not seen it yet, deals with a mysterious vampire hunter named D that travels a far future post-apocalyptic earth fighting vampires. He himself, is not human, but a dhampir, a half-breed son of a vampire father and human mother with an interesting ensemble of powers at his disposal. The original anime itself have various elements weaved into it: western, science fiction, high fantasy, horror with a drop of H.P Lovecraft mythos were added to the mix.

It is based on a novel series that began in 1983 and later a manga which inspired the 1985 anime movie Vampire Hunter D and 15 years in 2000 the movie Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. Now, after 15 years again, it seems that there is a series planned. It seems Californian-based Unified Pictures and Japan-based Digital Frontier is working on this new series and that it will be a CGI animation. As soon as more information comes to light we will let you know, so watch this space.

Never seen Vampire Hunter D? Here is the trailer of Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust, please follow the link and have a look: