Royal Quest: The game that will challenge you

Are you perhaps looking for a new MMORPG to sink your teeth into? One that will be very challenging, with graphics to get lost into and where you can duel for fun if you feel like letting off some steam? Then perhaps Royal Quest is for you. 

There is a little spoiler in the review but you will be warned.

Royal Quest is the newest creation from Katauri, creators of games such as the King’s Bounty series. In fact by the time this review is written it is a few months old. This client-based free-to-play game’s world combines elements of magic, alchemy and technology. Its battle system is based on the elements, and most monsters are vulnerable to certain types of elements, which gives the player the fun task to work out which element to use on the creature it fights to defeat it. There are over 200 unique monsters each with elemental strengths and weaknesses to discover. You will discover that using fireball will only scratch some enemies, while frostbolt will obliterate them.

Over a thousand quests are there to challenge your character – I started off as a mage and
One of the first quests that I went on was rather funny. So here is a little spoiler alert. So be warned! If you don’t want to read it skip the next paragraph!

The quest involved my character to teach a parrot somewhere in the wilderness to stop cursing at the students of the Mage Academy. I then learned that the parrot was actually a former Mage that was cursed to be a parrot for some obscure reason. I had quite a laugh when I found out that he tried to create partners for himself and by a freak accident spawned a few ghost parrots, which I had to get rid off. As you can see some quests are quite funny.

You can also duel in the game, often you will find that someone in town will want to duel you and there are PvPvE (Player versus player versus environment) dungeons, where you must stay aware of other players, who might kill your character at any time.

The game boasts an alchemical crafting system where you use alchemy to improve your armor, weapons and so forth. The usual MMORPG crafting elements like herb gathering and mining are also present as well as nifty machines where you can take raw ingredients like flux and iron and process them to stuff you might need or to sell at a higher price.

There are also pets and mounts in the game. Pets can help collect your spoils of war while some mounts can aid you in battle. Mounts will need to be fed and while they may not die, they will get antsy and more difficult to handle if not fed regularly.

There are four classes that you can choose from: Warrior, Mage, Rogue and Archer which in turn branch out to two more classes you can choose from for each class at level 20. This can, if choosing wisely up your game nicely like if you are a mage and do not want to be a close combat fighting character choosing Sorcerer instead of Warlock at level 20 might be the thing for you.

Aura, the world where the game plays off is a wondrous world with over 100 outdoor locations each bringing its own challenges to the table. Graphically is a very beautiful world, which makes it more enjoyable: from the flow of the water to even the artistically crafted rocks it creates an environment that makes the feel of the game more believable.

It even boast some anime elements, from the beautifully and fun anime loading screens at start up and when going into dungeons, to character creations and the antics of the monsters in game. It feels as if you are playing Sword Art Online or Log Horizon at times and you are waiting to get trapped into the world of Royal Quest.

The game’s music soundtrack is awesome and very enjoyable and more than often I found myself humming to one of the songs.

With over a thousand quests, battles that can really test you at times, graphics that make you wish you are there and an interesting crafting system the game might be just the one for you. Despite its drawbacks like using real money to feed mounts, clicking on monsters that immediately will attack, as well the looming grind that might make some players stop playing later in the game, Royal Quest it has its rewards, like a great user interface, 4 classes that can branch out into two different sub classes to choose from for each character, that it is easily downloadable and of course did I mention the beautiful graphics?

The game is definitely worth a try, so go for it.

AnimeFanatika gives Royal Quest a well-earned 7 out of 10

Here is the game’s trailer, please follow the link:

Interested? Then here is the game’s download page link for Steam. We hope you have lots of fun playing Royal Quest: