The Goose House Explosion

You might have heard of the J-Pop sensation Goose House before, they made a big explosion on the Japanese music scene in 2014 did music for two anime series. Some of you might remember Oto No Naru Hou E the ending theme song for the anime Silver Spoon or Hikaru Nara, theme song for You Lie in April.

Some may also remember their very first original song in 2010 named ‘Sing’ that sounded very folksy and nostalgic. And if they perform it these days it is a testament on how they have evolved in five years vocally and musically. They have grown a lot.

But lets look on how this phenomenon called Goose House started.

It all started in 2010 as PlayYou.House, a Sony sponsored project and it was about bringing together fledgling musicians and vocalists to perform live weekly using digital forums like Youtube to share their music. The duration of PlayYou.House Season 1 lasted from June 19, 2010 until August 21, 2010 and Season 2 from October 10, 2010 to March 11, 2011. After the series ended the members decided to carry on, changing their name to Goose House because all the members are very noisy and ‘similar to the sound made by a gaggle of geese.’ Their first official live stream started in May 2011.

The sound of Goose House is unique and mostly gives one a sense of ‘home’ because they make it feel as if every one is getting together to share the music they love with others.

Except for their music in anime series they also do amazing covers of anime songs. A wonderful example is their version of the hit song Guren no Yumiya from the anime Attack on Titan that was originally performed by Linked Horizon. Three of the members sit together and while one does perfect beat-box percussion, the man and the woman plays the most sugoi guitar riffs on acoustic guitar. There is an beautiful chemistry between the three and the energy and passion of their performance can be felt in the air. The girl her head to the beat while playing and singing is super sugoi! You have to experience this for yourself, so have a listen by following this link:

Another awesome thing that they do is to cover English songs. They do the most kawaii version of ‘I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause’ turning the song into something sexy and cute and even Santa will sigh with adoration after hearing this. We must admit they pronounce the English words quite admirably considering that it is not their mother language. Here have a listen by following this link:

Lastly we share the full version of Hikaru Nara the Opening Theme Song of the anime, ‘You Lie in April’. Please have a listen by following this link:

For more on Goose House, feel free to look at their webpage, but bear in mind it is mostly in Japanese. Please follow the link: