Momo Kyun Sword might return!

Last year from July to September we were introduced to Momoko, a magickal girl born from a peach on a quest to retrieve pieces of the treasure “Michimi no Momo’ that is scattered all over Japan while fending off ogres.

Now, nine months later there are many mixed-media projects like radio shows and even a new upcoming 4-panel manga on its way and already five new characters (with five new voice actresses) have been introduce into the ‘Momo Kyun Sword universe’.

To think this all started way back in 2012 with a digital light novel based on one of the most popular Japanese Folktales Momotaro. In the original folktale it is about a boy named Momotaro born from a peach but of course in Momo Kyou Sword the protagonist is the very sexy but clueless Momoko, brilliantly voiced by Ayana Taketasu.

Does this mean the anime will return and fill our screen with more fanservice, interesting characters and ogre bashing. We hope so. While there is no official announcement of a second season yet, it seems very possible.

For every one that missed the series, here is a trailer on what to expect. Please follow the link: