Technology from anime we wish were real

Have you ever watched an anime and wished that the technology featured in the anime is real? Here is a list of technology seen in anime that we all wish we could have.

1 The Capsule Technology of the Dragon Ball series

The fist time Bulma threw a capsule on the ground and a house appeared didn’t you wish you had one of those? I imagine you are driving in the countryside and you’re getting tired. You take out your pillbox and select a capsule. Before you can say:”Majin Buu likes chocolates” a fully furnished double story house appears and inside the shower even has hot water. Instant housing problem fixed all over the world.

These capsules also included awesome motor bikes, cars, spaceships…. Man, these are even better than Pokemon’s pokeballs

2 The Persocoms from Chobits

Walking android-like personal computers capable to teach themselves new abilities, even better than programming (Like Yuzuki) and have chibi persocoms like Plum or Sumomo that is just super kawaii! And who would no love to have their own Chi-chan!
Having a personal computer as a friend and companions every geek’s dream… :)

3 Virtual Reality MMO’s like the ones in Sword Art Online

Imagine lying in bed and playing an rpg with your mind. All you need is a virtual reality helmet like the Nerve Gear in Sword Art Online which is hooked up to you in such a comfortable way that everything you experience in the game have the ‘real effect’. The only down side is… do not get trapped in the game like Kirito and Asuna.

4 Cyberbrains from Ghost in the Shell

If the Nerve Gear idea does not please you how about a cyberbrain like in Ghost in the Shell. Imagine the Internet on steroids… Imagine technology so advanced, a technology, which allows you to connect your biological squishy brain with a multitude of networks, which range from simple interfaces to a complete replacement of your brain with cybernetic parts…. Sounds both exciting and scary…. But can be medically helpful.

Let say you were in an accident and lost a hand and a leg, these can be replaced with prostheses and be controlled with your cyberbrain! Besides cyborgs are cool, like the cyborg Victor Stone in the DC Comic that goes by the name “Cyborg’ or even the Major in Ghost in the Shell.

Some of these look very viable if we think of how far robotics have come, especially in Japan. Maybe not the capsules but the rest might just happen. Jules Verne wrote about submarines in Science Fiction stories long before they were invented. Cellphones were in Star Trek long before we used them. Anime and sci-fi make the future look interesting, and we can’t wait for some of it to happen.