Love matters

Yes love matters. We all want some love and in every language on earth there are several ways to express it. Today we, a man whom we will call Naruto and a woman we will call Hinata will explore love the Japanese way.


Kokuhaku means expressing one’s love and it is done when a man or a woman declares their love to a person hoping that it will lead to a date and a relationship.

Imagine this:

Naruto sees a girl he has known for years and recently he realized he had feelings for her. He took her out on a date or two but he now wants to get more serious with her.

He feels a little shy, which is unusual for him, but decides to make his move. He walks over to her while she is sitting on a park bench under a beautiful Sakura tree. Hinata smiles at him and a slight blush spreads on her cheeks. Naruto nervously tries to smile back. He swallows deeply, trying to get the frog-in-the-throat feeling to go away. He sits down next to her and whispers nervously: ”Sukidesu, Tsukiattekudasai”

Sukidesu, tsukaittekudasai translates to “I love you, can we start seeing each other?”
The tsukaiu part means “dating” as well as “Seeing each other” or “having a relationship” in English.

This is something you might have heard in an anime episode or Japanese movie, since this is one of the most common phrases used in Japanese. If the person you ask this say yes, it usually means a serious relationship just started with that person.

Another way to confess????
I am sharing a video where a boy confesses his love to a girl using bells in front of his friends. Look at the video, by following the link and see if she said yes:

There are many ways to confess love. It takes guts but the worst thing that can happen is if he or she says no, but remember, for everyone there is a yes waiting in the big koi pond, we call life.

If you want more articles on love in Japan, please let us know. We have a lot to share.