Chihira Aico, The hope of Japan’s future

We are sharing something so sugoi today, something that might give hope for the future, especially in Japan.

Chihira Aico might make some paranoid and making them think she was created for the sole purpose of stealing jobs or that she is a prophecy of something empty-hearted sinister, that is send from the future to kill John Connor or maybe some weapon made by a secret Illuminati-type government but no Chihira Aico is not that type of robot.

Patrons visiting the Mitsuki Department store who ‘employed’ Toshiba’s sexy robot to work as a temporary receptionist soon discovered that she is someone special. (All this was actually done to test her voice recognition software, which they are still developing)

According to Toshiba, Chihira-chan’s purpose is the noble vocation to be a companion to Japan’s aging population. (Some of you might remember that there is a decline in the Japanese birthrate and this subject was touched in another AnimeFanatika article. Please see the link provided at the end of this article, for more on that subject.) Toshiba plans to introduce more robots like her into the medical community and there are quite a few possibilities how these metallic ladies can help like serving as sign-language aides for the hearing impaired or to look after patients that suffer from dementia. They hope that by 2020 there will be more of these robots.

Some of us still dream of a robotic maid serving us like in the anime Mahoromatic, and some might wonder about how soon there will be robotic geisha girls like in the first episode of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex but one thing is for sure, the robots are here and they might be the hope for the future.

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