Blue mat reservations

Watching episode 2 of Koufuku Graffiti a while back and seeing an article on Hanami flower viewing reminded me of a very sugoi Japanese tradition – the use of blue mats to reserve places in parks.

It is a well-honoured tradition in Japan to reserve a spot for events like festivals, fireworks as well as hanami with plastic mats (Usually blue in colour). Once your mat is on the grass that reserved space is respected (you can even walk away and leave the mat there, no one will steal it or take your spot). It is even known that people mark their mats at large events, not out of distrust but rather to make sure they find the right mat. These mats can be placed hours in advance too.

In Koufuku Graffiti episode 2 we can see how the anime’s heroines Ryou and Kirin celebrate spring and decides to go for a picnic as well as cherry blossom viewing in the park. They find a spot and lay down their blue mat, a nice example of the age-old tradition.

Want to know more about blue mats have a look at these salary men ‘defending’ blue mats like corporate ninjas by following this link: