Dancer debuts as voice actor in new Ghost in the Shell Movie

Naoto, the 31-year old dancer and artist from the 19-member vocal/dance group Exile and leader of the seven member Sandaime J Soul Brothers is making his voice actor debut in the new movie Koukaku Kidoutai: Shin Gekijyou (Ghost in the Shell: New Movie Edition). He has many TV Dramas and stage plays under his belt, but no voice acting experience. He played in the movie Sakura Saku (2014) as well as in 4 Ayumi Yamasaki music videos.

He is to play Osamu Fujimoto, a new character in the movie, the prime minister’s son who happens (to be his Chief of Staff as well). He authorizes new duties to Motoko Kusanagi and contributes to the establishment of Public Security Section 9.

Koukaku Kidoutai: Shin Gekijyou (Ghost in the Shell: New Movie Edition) is a prequel film that delves into Motoko’s past as well as the Public Security Section 9 origin and will open June 20 in Japan.

Here is a preview of the upcoming movie, please follow the link:

Here is a video from Sandaime J Soul Brothers of which Naoto is part of, please follow the link and have a listen: