Anime Releases, Character Birthdays and Japanese Holidays: Week 2 of April 2015

Anime releases
Tuesday April 07, 2015
.Hack//Legend Complete Collection DVD Boxed Set
Black Butler Season 1 Complete Collection DVD/BD Combo Set (Eps # 1-24) (Classic)
Durarara!! Complete Collection BLURAY Set (Eps # 1-26)
Looking Up at the Half Moon Collection DVD (Eps # 1-6)
One Piece Collection # 12 DVD Boxed Set (Uncut) (Eps # 279 –303)
One Piece Season 6 Part 4 DVD Boxed Set (Uncut) (Eps #373-384)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie – Rebellion DVD/BLURAY Set (Limited Edition) + CD
Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie – Rebellion DVD
Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie – Rebellion BLURAY
Rose of Versailelles Complete Collection 2 DVD Boxed Set (Eps # 21-40) (Lite Box)
She, the Ultimate Weapon Complete Collection DVD
Tokyo Ravens Complete Collection DVD/BD Combo Set (Limited Edition)

Monday April 06, 2015
Bayonetta: Bloody Fate (Standard Edition) BLURAY
Bleach Series 14 : Part2 DVD
Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise DVD

Anime Birthdays (April 06, 2015 – April 12, 2015)
This week there are few anime Characters that celebrate their birthdays. We celebrate their special days and appreciate all the adventures we shared with them.

April 2015
06 Tsubasa Kouhouin (Yamamoto Yoko)
07 Yasutora Sado (Chad from Bleach)
08 Faust VIII (Shaman King) and Relena Peacecraft (Gundam Wing)
09 Shingo Yabuki (King of Fighters)
10 Gintou Suou (Marmalade Boy)
11 Yamato Ishida (Digimon Adventure)
12 Van Slanzar de Fanel (Escaflowne)

Japanese Festivals and Holidays
No notable holidays

Featuring our picture is the gentle giant and warrior Yasutora Sado also known as Chad from the anime Bleach