Anime OST siren passes away

Olga Yakovleva, better know to some as Origa, the vocalist that did the Intro Songs for Ghost in The Shell: Stand Alone Complex passed away on January 17th, due to lung cancer. She was 44 years of age.

After her studies at Novosibirsk Music School during 1986 to 1990, Origa entered Japan in 1991 on a home-stay program and her major début was in 1995 under the EMI Music Japan label. She was know for her collaborations with music legend Yoko Kanno on various Ghost in the Shell related series and movies giving an exquisite sound to the anime soundtracks and also worked on the Fantastic Children TV anime and the anime movie Princess Arete.

She was also involved with various projects like being part of the chorus for the Kobe earthquake charity single and performing with Yoka Kanno at venues like the Ragnarok 2 concert in 2007, and also with Maaya Sakamoto and Mai Yamane at Sugizo’s “Rise to Cosmic Dance” concert held in 2008.

This ‘Siren of Anime’ is a legend and her music touched a lot of anime fanatiks out there, she will be missed but her legacy is in each time we watch Ghost in a Shell: Stand Alone Complex or any project she has been involved in. As tribute here is a music video of ‘Inner Universe’, please follow the link:

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