Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 gets a release date!

Tokyo Ghoul certainly made a big impact on the whole anime scene and it have a huge fan base. Luckily it seems season 2 is getting so close we can almost taste it.

In the Week 52 edition of Shueisha’s Young Jump, this Thursday it will be announced that Tokyo Ghoul’s second season will première on January 8th 2015 on Tokyo MX. Ishida, creator of the manga on which season 1 was based on, is credited with the original story concept for season 2.

Those who watched season 1 will remember that it is set in Tokyo, and the populace are filled with fear as the city is ‘haunted’ by ghouls killing people and eating their flesh. Kaneki, a very normal college student asks Rize, a beautiful bookworm like him on a date at his favourite café, and little does he know that it will change his life forever and his fate crosses with those of the ghouls.

As we also know, Tokyo Ghoul’s manga ended this year on October 17th and last month also saw the beginning of the new manga Tokyo Ghoul:re with a new lead character.

We are all waiting with bated breath for the new season.

Here is awesome song songs from season one, Seijatachi by People in the Box, enjoy: