Ghost in The Shell live-action update!

There is a new development. Margot Robbie will not be in the movie anymore since she is going to do the Hollywood adaptation of Suicide Squad, a DC Comics comic. Instead the Lucy actress, Scarlett Johansson has been offered to take Robbie’s place in playing the role of everybody’s favourite cybernetic Major.

With even Steven Spielberg looking forward to the movie we can hope this Hollywood Live-Action adoption will be good since we know that only the Japanese really pulled off Live-Action versions of anime series and movies in the past.

Think of Japanese Live-Actions like Gantz, Ichi the Killer, Kenshin and Boogiepop and then think of the Hollywood Live-Actions like Dragonball, Guyver or even Hollywood versions of original Japanese movies Ringu (The Ring), Kairo (Pulse) then we might be worried… Certainly the Japanese versions are better. But what if they pull it off and make an awesome Ghost in the Shell Hollywood live-action version, wouldn’t that be something.

Our hopes are with you Rupert Sanders, make Hollywood proud and keep the spirit of the anime alive in your adoption of Ghost in the Shell, please….

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