From prankster to sage – Uzumaki Naruto, the legend

It is 1997 and a humble little manga by Masashi Kishimoto appears in the 43rd issue of Shōnen Jump. That little manga became legend. The Naruto manga gave birth to three anime series: Naruto, Naruto Shippuden and Rock Lee & his Ninja Pals, 5 Naruto OVAs, 9 movies, 13 novels, a trading card game and scores of PC and Console games. Yes it is big.

October 10th is Naruto’s birthday and we are here to celebrate his birthday. In stead of focusing on Naruto’s history and how he rose from an orphaned prankster to a shinobi with sage-like abilities we are going to find out about our hero’s concept and creation and pick into the depths of his creator Masashi Kisimoto’s brain, because the true birth of a hero comes from his creator does it not?

As Masashi Kishimoto created Naruto he envisioned a specific type of hero: A character that is a straightforward thinker with a mischievous side, naive but with a dark side. He made Naruto simple and stupid, because Kishimoto does not like smart characters, but as we have seen Naruto have matured to go beyond that. He also made Naruto a very positive person that never gives up. All this made Naruto an anime character that is hard to forget and we don’t blame Naruto’s enemies that sometimes end up being his friends, like Gaara for instance.

It is interesting to know that Naruto’s awesome attire is based on clothes Kishimoto used to wear when he was younger. Kishimoto did not want to use a pre-existing outfit nor something original, because then Naruto would not have been as unique to him. Kishimoto used the colour orange to make Naruto ‘pop’, with blues to compliment the orange. Swirls are also incorporated in his costume since Naruto is associated with spirals. As for Naruto’s feet, Kishimoto decided on sandals instead of boots because he loves drawing toes! Of all the many characters in Naruto (and there are hundreds of characters!) Kishimoto said he identifies with Naruto the most.

As hardened Naruto Fanatiks that watch Naruto in Japanese, not English know, our favourite shinobi always ends his sentences with the catchphrase ‘-ttebayo’ which gives the same effect of someone ending a sentence in English with ‘Ya know?’ This catchphrase really compliments Naruto’s character and is part of his charm to his fans.

If we start talking about Naruto, about his trails and tribulations, this losses and gains, his rise to power, if we cover every little detail of this fascinating shinobi, every tear we shed and every laugh we shared, every profound life lesson we have learned from and with him, we might need to write a 2000 page book. Naruto’s fans are dedicated. We have stayed up until 4 a.m. in the morning because we cannot get ourselves to stop watching his story. He is an emperor among anime characters to us. We celebrate Uzumaki Naruto because he is our hero.

Happy Birthday tomorrow, Naruto-kun, we hope you treat yourself to your favourite ramen and keep on enchanting us with your stories.

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