Anime Releases, Character Birthdays as well as Japanese Holidays: Week 5 of September / Week 1 of October

Anime releases
Tuesday September 30, 2014
Bleach DVD Collection #22 Boxed Set (Eps # 292-303) (Uncut)
Ghost In The Shell 25th Anniversary Edition BLURAY
Golden Time Collection 1 DVD (Eps # 1-12)
Golden Time Collection 1 BLURAY (Eps # 1-12)
Mega Man Complete Collection DVD (Eps # 1-27)
One Piece Film Z DVD/BD Combo Set
Psychic Detective Yakumo Complete Collection BLURAY (Eps # 1-13)
SteinsGate Complete collection DVD/BD Combo Set (Eps # 1-24) (Classic)
Zombie-Loan Complete Collection DVD (Eps # 1-13)

Monday September 29, 2014
Bodacious Space Pirates – Complete Collection (DVD)
Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet (Complete Collection BLURAY)
Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet (Complete Collection DVD)
Ghost in the Shell (Steelbook Edition BLURAY)
The Wind Rises (Double-Play)
The Wind Rises (DVD)
The Wind Rises Collector’s Edition (Double-Play)
Toradora – Complete Collection (BLURAY)
Toradora – Complete Collection (DVD)

Anime Birthdays (September 29, 2014 – October 05, 2014)
This week there are few anime Characters that celebrate their birthdays. We celebrate their special days and appreciate all the adventures we shared with them.

29 Kaoru Koganei (Flame of Recca) and Rangiku Matsumoto (Bleach)
30 Rose Patenton (Dragonar)

01 Goldva (Shaman King)
02 Chocolab (Shaman King)
03 Minto Aizawa / Mew Mint (Mew Mew Power)
04 Barnette Orangello (Vandread), Keigo Atobe (Prince of Tennis)

Japanese Festivals and Holidays
04-05 Fukuro Matsuri in Ikebukuro

To read more on Fukuro Matsuri in Ikebukuro, please follow this link:

Featuring our picture is the cast of mecha anime, Vandread