We at AnimeFanatika use the word a lot. It is due to years of watching anime and learning Japanese and we know also a lot of anime fanatiks that use the term and even see it daily on Facebook and in YouTube.

The word ‘Sugoi’ translates to many things. It is an expression of admiration and can mean ‘wow’,’ amazing’ or ‘incredible’ but even ‘terrible’ because the word has both positive and negative meanings.

Also, in Japanese, sometimes sentences end in the word ‘ne’. ‘Ne’ is a tricky word since it can mean a lot of things behind a sentence.

For instance, ‘ne’ is a way to put emphasis on the phrase preceding it. It may mean ‘right?’ or ‘isn’t it?’ example ‘Sugoi ne’ meaning ‘Wonderful, isn’t it’ or ‘Wonderful, right?’
Another example: ‘Ii tenki desu ne’ which means ‘Nice weather, isn’t it?’

Another way to use ‘ne’ is if you want to soften the sentence, like a mother lovingly scolding her child when he or she did something and got hurt slightly Example ‘Ichi-chan, kondo chanto kite kudasai ne’ meaning ‘Ichi, next time, please listen closely, alright?’ To a Japanese child’s ear, that ‘ne’ makes the sentence less harsh.

To put it nicely, ‘ne’ softens the statement by implying that you are leaving an opinion for someone to disagree with you, it is a polite way to give someone an option to respond.

So if you see ‘Sugoi’ know that it is mostly an expression that someone finds something wonderful or awesome and if they say ‘Sugoi ne’ it means ‘Amazing, isn’t it?’

Let us practice the word with scenes from the anime Canaan: