The Great Buddha of Kamakura

Visiting Japan can be very interesting and one thing to definitely have a look at is the Great Buddha of Kamakura. It is a quite remarkable piece of religious art.

The Kamakura Daibutsu is a large bronze statue of Amida Buddha at the Kõtoku-in Temple in Kamakura. An impressive 44 feet (13 meters) tall and weighing 121 tons (despite being hollow it definitely is a wonder of its era. It was built in 1252 and originally housed within a wooden temple structure, but a huge tsunami (September, 1498) has left the Daibutsu standing outside ever since.

This awesome statue survived more natural and man-made disasters than most humans would have to endure in one lifetime. It endured from earthquakes and Tsunamis to wars and vandalism and even survives the countless tourists that visit it every day. All around it buildings of the temple have been destroyed many times. It is quite a feat that it is still standing tall, serene and unmovable after all the disasters that happened around it. Definitely something worth seeing when in Japan, wouldn’t you say?

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