Are you an Anime Fanatik?

Douzo Yorosiku

Am I an Anime Fanatik?

Do you answer yes to one of the following?

Do you just love Japanese Cartoons better know as Anime?

Do you know what Douzo Yorosiku means?

Do you always go to the Anime section of Netflix or Disney Plus or have a Crunchy Roll Account?

Do you know what one of these names: Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball and Hunter X Hunters?

Do you know what MAL is?

Congratulations! You are an Anime Fanatik!

A club for the Anime Fanatik!

AnimeFanatika started in 2012 and our passion has always been to grow the anime community in South Africa.

For more than ten years Takeshi & Ookami have worked to grow the anime community by reaching out and connecting South African Anime Fanatiks via social media, anime meetups and general word of mouth. 

We have become an international club with not only members in South Africa but America, Japan, China, Australia and Europe and we continue to grow with our anime meetups. Not only do we celebrate our love of Japan but also the international aspect of our passion.

Help us grow the Anime community.

Send us a hello on the contact form and tick "I want to join" to be added to the WhatsApp group or go to our Facebook page or Discord.

Do you have an anime group or store that sells anime products in South Africa or do you have a restuarant that sells Japanses dishes?

Send us your details so that we can promote you to our group and and the Anime community.

Next Anime Meetup

July - Dragon Town


Theme: Summer Season Releases

The Anime Fanatiks group meets once a month @ Dragon Town in Centurion, Pretoria. Bring a friend and join us for a fun afternoon talking to people who share your passion for Anime, Manga, Manhwa and anime Cosplay.

Dragon Town is a certified gaming hall and comic shop so you can get your game on!

Bring your board games, MTG or Pokemon and join their local community for a few fun games. To learn more about the venue a link has been provided below.

Want to learn how to play the popular Japanese game, Igo or better known as Go?

There will be a trainer at the Anime Meetup on the day who can teach you the basics of the game and get you connected to the Go Community in South Africa. To find out more hit the “Learn to Play Go” button or watch the anime series Hikaru no Go.

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