Anime Awards 2017

AnimeFanatika in collaboration with Kurogane from Anime Awards SA, is hosting the South Africa Anime Awards of 2017.

We always get to see what the top anime series of the year was in America or Japan but this year we a voice and our chance to see what anime we, as South Africans think is the best. The survey will be divided into 4 forms (you only have to fill out the first 2). “Best anime”, “Worst anime”, “Most surprising, and “most disappointing”. All lists contain every anime shown this year, so every anime has a chance of being nominated as “Best” or “worst” of the year. In the event that we missed a series that you liked, you can add your own favourite.

Please note, this only applies to series titles that STARTED running in 2017. Great shows like “All out!!” will not be considered. The winners will be announced on our next Bento Buffet!

Come and cast your vote! Here are the links to the voting forms:

Best of 2017
Worst of 2017
Most Surprising anime of 2017
Most Disappointing anime of 2017