January Challenge: Highschool of the Dead Week 3

January Challenge: Highschool of the Dead Week 3

The Good, The Dead and the Hoodlum

Konnichiwa Minna. It is week 3 of our Highschool of the Dead anime challenge. The setting for this anime is perfect for a walking dead scenario: Imagine as chaos breaking out as infected people turn into living corpses who would just love to have you for breakfast, supper and lunch. Imagine the trauma as your friends, family, and random nice people become snacks for the dead and in turn become hungry undead creatures. But be warned, the anime is very violent and contains fan service. Viewer’s discretion is advised.

Last week’s challenge was episode 4 – 6. Let’s take a look at some of the events that took place. In Episode 4 ‘Running in the Dead’ it started off with a recap of what happened in the first three episodes. We then follow Takashi and Rei as they make towards the police station, the Rendezvous point where they and their friends would meet up. As they travel they talk about the fact that the army might be no help anymore. The two find the bus their friends were using, and it is abandoned. They hope their friends are still alive and that they will meet up with Takashi and Rei.

Close by, they find a police vehicle that was hit by a truck – the officers very dead in their seats. Searching the officers they find a gun and some extra bullets. They find a service station and look for a way to fill the fuel tank of the motorbike, Rei waits outside by the fuel pumps as Takashi raids the inside of the station. She gets attacked by a hoodlum and Takashi rushes outside to save her.

Takashi tries to distract the hoodlum and Rei almost breaks away. The hoodlum forces Takashi to fill the motorbike’s fuel tank up. In the process, Takashi throws down a pipe he was using as a weapon and the undead all around the place hear it and start to walk into the direction of the noise. After Takashi fills the tank he takes another shot at saving Rei. He verbally distracts the hoodlum and finds a way to get close to the man and Rei. He gets the upper hand, shoots the man in his shoulder (without hitting a fuel pump!) and saves Rei. Takashi and Rei flee the service station as the dead staggers in towards the hoodlum.

Episode 5 and 6 was quite eventful (such as a motorbike vs undead scene and some wicked firearm skills), but we will not spoil the episodes for you. If you have not joined us for the anime challenge it is a good place to join us. For those that are already part of the challenge, our challenge this week is episode 7 – 9. Will our heroes survive the undead apocalypse? Who will succumb next to a bite of the undead? To find the answers let’s watch on!

If you have suggestions or comments about your impressions of the series, please feel free to share them on our FB Page! Have a super sugoi week and enjoy the challenge!