A beginner's guide to Christmas in Japanese

A beginner’s guide to Christmas in Japan

How to say Merry Christmas in Japanese

It is the Christmas season and like most countries over the world the people in Japan also like to celebrate Christmas. Japan really embraced the spirit of the ‘Jolly Holiday’. Even if only 1% of Japan is actual Christians, they all love the spirit of giving and caring associated with the festive season. In Japan, it is not a national holiday, children goes to school, businesses are open like normal, in fact, the closest Christmas will get to being a holiday is if it falls on a weekend. But as we know, the Japanese are lovers of festivals and celebrations and anything kawaii, since it is a very cute holiday with trees, Santa and reindeer, they started to celebrate Christmas with the rest of the world in a unique way.

They embrace the commercial side of the holiday. Offices are decorated, houses have Christmas lights outside and there are Christmas trees! Since there are no turkeys in Japan, chickens are used as the chosen bird of the festival, especially thanks to Kentucky Fried Chicken and their brilliant advertising. Many people order their KFC ‘Christmas Chicken’ ahead of time from KFC and it is possibly the busiest fast food franchise over the holiday in Japan.

Presents are exchanged between lovers and close friends but are usually cute stuff like Teddy bears, flowers, scarves, rings and Jewellery. Christmas cards are also given to close friends. They greet each other bay sayingMerii Kurisumasu!!!!’ That is how the Japanese wish each other a merry Christmas.

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We wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2017. Merii Kurisumasu!!!!