Digimon Universe - a new jacket for a popular series

Digimon Universe – a new jacket for a popular series

It is a whole new universe of adventure

Join us as we explore the new Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters anime series through Lala-chan’s eyes.


Episodes: Unknown
Studio: Toei Animation
Genre: Action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, kids
Duration: 24 min per episode
Rating: PG (Children)
Release date: October 1 2016
Status: Currently Airing


Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters is about monsters lurking and living in apps on smartphones. They are life forms, living in the digital space with the ability to think for themselves and by means of having a “buddy” can exist in the world of humans. The plot basically contains the partnership between the main character and a principal Digimon who meet and become allies in order to defeat the main antagonist.


Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters, the latest instalment of the Digimon series. This is a highly-anticipated series and many viewers who are interested in this type of anime it has been waiting for the release in the hope that it would be different from all the previous Digimon series.

The plot starts off with Haru, our main character, who is conducting searches on the internet. While searching, he is discovered by one of these “Applimon” that is basically an “application monster”.

Haru is quite different from what you would expect from a “normal” protagonist. Usually, our hero of the story is confident, most likely popular and possible attractive for other characters in the story. Conversely, in this anime, the main character is shy, is opposed to fighting and a bookworm. He wishes to go on adventures like his favourite character from a book series “Terry and the World of Magic” yet sees himself as a side character and thus he comes across as timid and not what would be considered ‘a role model” for viewers.

In a specific scene, humiliating information about him is revealed via Messemon, monsters from a messenger app. He is not the only one and as he meets up with his friend more mortifying information as well as photos are released of the people living in the city. Yet as mentioned, at this stage he has what would seem like a weak personality and he makes a fool out of himself, but running away from an opportunity where he could have stepped up to be the main hero. However, as the first episode progresses there is evidence that Haru has the potential for development and would probably end up what is considered a standard protagonist in episodes to come.

The first episode so far had enough comedy to keep it interesting and the characters, especially Haru is likeable as he seems more real than the typical hero. What is ridiculous is that when he and Gatchmon pairs to battle the Messemon, Haru already seems to know what to do without having received any instruction from Gatchmon. Hardly seems plausible but then again Haru is supposed to be very intelligent.

If you are looking for similar anime, there are of course all the previous Digimon series which do carry a similar story line, but in this series, it would seem that the Digimon is slightly less dependent on its human counterpart. Other series include Pokémon where you can experience a similar vibe of friendship, companionship and competition.

If you are a Digimon fanatik, have a look at the anime and perhaps it will be enjoyable and something different from previous Digimon series.


Voice acting: 7/10
Art Style: 8/10
Music and Sound: 7/10
Story: 7/10
Overall: 7/10