Robotic wonders of Japan

Robotic wonders of Japan

Meet the robotic puppy and android desk clerk

We bring two amazing marvels from Japan, a robotic puppy and an android information desk clerk. We are getting ever closer to a time where the robots from our favourite anime series, like in Chobits or even Medabots may be household items across the world. The proof may be in the current advancements in robotics in Japan. We have touched on robotics before but here are two of the newest; a robot and an android, to make us ponder on just how advance the world of robotics already have become.



Robotic Puppy

We have shared a lot on robots and robotics on our websites like robots that work as aides in Japanese Hospitals and even androids that are presenters on television shows. We dive into the kawaii side of robotics and share with you a video about a robotic puppy.

Osaka University‘s Adaptive Robotics Lab are highly skilled ‘technological ninjas’ with design and engineering. They recently released a video that reveals their latest creation: a type of ‘quadruped robot’, moving thanks to a set of pneumatic artificial muscles. It is very doglike and very adorable, catching the attention of even individuals that are not into science and technology.

The robot is called PnueHound, and when watching the video you can easily see where the name comes from. It’s short, stubby legs and thick midsection reminds one of a Welsh Corgi or even a Dachshund and reminds you even more of the fact as it moves around like an excited puppy.

To meet the adorable robotic canine, please follow this link:

Chihira Junco

Chihira Junco

Android Information Desk Clerk

If we were to tell you about Chihira Junco the android information desk clerk, you would maybe ask us from which anime or movie she is? This android is very real. Chihira Junco is an interactive android that helps visitors at an information desk at a Japanese mall, and she is versed in three languages. She is at Odaiba’s Aqua City waterfront complex in Tokyo and yes, if you need to find out about services in the area, she is the person to speak to. She is your typical polite, well-dressed and groomed clerk you might find at an information desk, just not a flesh and blood human but an android born at the labs of Toshiba Corporation.

Chihira Junco’s name is due to the fact that she was ‘born’ in June. She has the look of a 5.4 feet 26-year-old woman and speaks Japanese, English and Chinese. Starting her mission to help shoppers at the information desk last October, she is quite the attraction, displaying lifelike movements and facial expressions. She works with three real-life female attendants and steals all the attraction away from them by charming shoppers fascinated by this human-like wonder.

Also at the desk is a rather futuristic device that allows shoppers to interact with Junco. A touch screen offers options for enquiries and responds to touch in mid-air, meaning germophobic individuals need not touch any surface to make contact with her. By just aiming a finger at an icon, the panel responds to the movement and immediately, smiling and lifelike, Junco starts to guide the person in the language the person has chosen to the restaurant, transport access or even tourist information they may need.

With time, the company hopes that Junco can respond correctly to questions from shoppers instead of using the device. They plan to increase her knowledge of languages as well and are already in the process to add Korean to her lingual skills in the near future.

To meet Junco, please follow this link:

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