One Piece adventure anime reaches episode 750!

One Piece adventure anime reaches episode 750!

New adventure embarks on July 31

Everybody’s favourite pirate adventure anime One Piece will reach its 750th episode on July 17, which will also mark the end of the ‘Silver Mine’ arc. Then the anime will take a break on July 24 but return on July 31. It will be the 751st episode and the beginning of the ‘Zou’ Arc.

Those familiar with the anime knows that One Piece is an action-packed tale of the Straw Hat Pirates and their adventures on the high seas. It takes place in a fictional universe where vast numbers of pirates, marines, vagabonds, and others fight each other, using various superpowers as well as supernatural abilities. It is filled to the brim with adventure on the high seas!

The current ‘Silver Mine’ arc and the 2-hour One Piece: Heart of Gold television special both ties in with the One Piece Film Gold movie which is opening on July 23 in Japan and will screen with English and Chinese subtitles in 5 cities in Japan from July 23 to August 05! One Piece Film Gold is the 13th One Piece movie and its nine main voice cast includes Mayumi Tanaka who is voicing Monkey D. Luffy who is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates.

The movie’s theme song is “Ikari wo Kureyo” (Give Me Anger) and is performed by GLM SPANKY. We have three videos to share with you featuring the theme song.

Video 1 features the Ikari wo Kureyo theme song using anime footage from the One Piece Film Gold movie. Please follow our link:

Video 2 features the original Ikari wo Kureyo music video by GLM SPANKY. Please follow our link:

Video 3 is the full movie trailer featuring the song Ikari wo Kureyo. Please follow our link:

But that is not all! We also share with you an insert song from the movie. The ‘Entertainment version’ video featuring the song “GOLD & JIVE ~SILVER OCEAN” performed by Carina and Gildo Tesoro. Please follow our link:

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