Dragonball: Evolution screenwriter apologizes

Dragonball: Evolution screenwriter apologizes

“Dragonball: Evolution marked a very painful creative point in my life.” Ben Ramsey

We all remember the excitement when we heard that there would be a live-action movie version of Dragon Ball. When Dragonball: Evolution opened in 2009, we all streamed to the theaters to see the movie. Die-hard DBZ fanatiks hated it and even the legendary Akira Toriyama , creator the manga and anime Dragon Ball franchise, shared his displeasure with the movie. On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie holds a score of only 14%.

Recently the scriptwriter Derek Padula, that created the brilliant live-action pilot for Dragon Ball Z:Light of Hope’s script as well as the author of The Dao of Dragon Ball contacted Ben Ramsey the screenwriter for Dragonball: Evolution in the hopes of getting information on the development of Dragonball: Evolution for his new book but instead he got an apology from Ben Ramsey, written to all the Dragon Ball Fanatiks out there:

“I knew that it would eventually come down to this one day. Dragonball: Evolution marked a very painful creative point in my life. To have something with my name on it as the writer be so globally reviled is gut wrenching. To receive hate mail from all over the world is heartbreaking. I spent so many years trying to deflect the blame, but at the end of the day it all comes down to the written word on page and I take full responsibility for what was such a disappointment to so many fans. I did the best I could, but at the end of the day, I ‘dropped the dragon ball.’

I went into the project chasing after a big payday, not as a fan of the franchise but as a businessman taking on an assignment. I have learned that when you go into a creative endeavor without passion you come out with sub-optimal results, and sometimes flat out garbage. So I’m not blaming anyone for Dragon Ball but myself. As a fanboy of other series, I know what it’s like to have something you love and anticipate be so disappointing.

To all the Dragon Ball fans out there, I sincerely apologize. I hope I can make it up to you by creating something really cool and entertaining that you will like and that is also something I am passionate about. That’s the only work I do now.”

Ben Ramsey made a mistake; it takes a lot to admit to the whole world when you created a movie of one the greatest anime series out there, if not the greatest and fails horribly, disappointing millions. It takes guts. We hope he reaches his new goal of making up for it with creating something great. In Dragon Ball, we learned that second chances exist, like when Piccolo went from being the bad evil protagonist in Dragon Ball to being one of the good guys in Dragon Ball Z. It is up to us now to forgive and give Ramsey a chance to shine.

Here is Derek Padula’s article as well as more on Ben Ramsey’s letter, to read more, follow our article: http://bit.ly/Ben-Ramsey-Apology

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