Tocho - A view to a thrill

Tocho – A view to a thrill

We explore the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings also known as Tocho

Known to some as the face of the West Side of Shinjuku Station, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings is an impressive sight to behold in Tokyo. The building houses the headquarters for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, which governs 23 wards as well as the cities, towns and villages that are part of the Tokyo Metropolis. Standing on its observation decks on the 45th floor of the Main Building No.1 you can see the whole of Tokyo. During daytime one the South Observation Deck you can have a great view of the Odaiba entertainment district or Mount Fuji while eating light snacks from the café, on deck. The North Observation Deck is great for looking at Tokyo at night since it is open until 22:30 pm. The North Observation Deck also includes it’s own café as well as a bar for those who wants to drink a little sake while viewing Tokyo.

This impressive building, easily taking up a city block each, consists of three structures. The most prominent of these is the Tokyo Metropolitan Main building No.1, a 48-story-tall structure that splits into two sections at the 33rd floor. The building was opened in 1991 and was designed by architect Kenzo Tange and his associates. The idea behind the design was that the structure should resemble a computer chip. The other two buildings in the complex are the eight-story Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Building and Tokyo Metropolitan Main Building No.2, which has 37 stories.

Situated in Shinjuku, Tokyo the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings are open to the public from 9:30 am to 23:00 pm, free of charge. It is closed every first and third Tuesday of every month at the South Observation Deck and every Second and Fourth Monday at the North Observation Deck. The nearest station to Tocho (the nickname for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings) is Tochomae (Oedo Subway Line).

Zankyō no Terror

Zankyō no Terror

The building is frequently used in Japanese science Fiction and anime like Digimon Tamers and Zankyō no Terror (Terror in Resonance). When working on
Zankyō no Terror, Tocho were one of the buildings directly used in the anime and if you watched the anime you might remember the two boys enact a terrorist bomb attack on the building. Whether in anime of in real life the building offers a thrilling view of Tokyo and is a sight to behold.

Shot mainly from the South Observatory Deck, this video gives you a view of what to expect from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings, please follow our link:

Here is the Zankyō no Terror opening, please follow our link:

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