Do you get that awww Kawaii feeling?

Do you get that awww Kawaii feeling?

The kawaii island, Aoshima

We explore an island today that will probably cause Ranma Saotome from the anime Ranma 1/2 a severe heart attack, you see in the anime Ranma 1/2 the hero, Ranma suffers from Ailurophobia, an affliction some readers may recognize as a persistent irrational fear of cats. He is not the only one. In Stephen King’s movie Sleepwalkers, the sleepwalkers, a type of cat-like energy vampires, are afraid of cats, their only natural enemy. We explore Aoshima Island, one of Japan’s many cat islands. While some of us get that awwww kawaii (cute) feeling, looking at cats, this island is only for the bravest of souls – Cat Lovers.

Aoshima Island situated in Eihime Prefecture has more than a 140 cats; in fact, the feline population outnumbers the humans six to one! This, instead of scaring people away caused an influx of tourism to the island. There are many breeds of Neko (the Japanese word for cat) roaming this island. People are able to pet, take pictures and feed these cats while the cats just lie around and purr and nya (Japanese sound for a cat mewing) like feline royalty.

One should wonder then how do a small island ruled by cats have enough to feed its furry populace. Well, all over Japan donations in the form of money and cats food find their way to Aoshima Island. The island only has one ferry that runs twice a day with the capacity to carry 34 passengers, but don’t worry there are many more cat islands to choose from like Mizukijima in Ehime, Tashirojima in Miyagi Prefecture, Enoshima in Kanagawa Prefecture, Okishima in Shiga Prefecture, Sanagishima in Kagawa Prefecture, Manabeshima in Okayama Prefecture, Iwaishima in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Aijima in Fukuoka Prefecture, Genkaishima in Fukuoka Prefecture and Kadarashima in Saga Prefecture. Some of these islands are only accessible by boat and others can be crossed by a bridge.

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