Nefertari Vivi, undercover pirate princess

Nefertari Vivi, undercover pirate princess

Let’s meet Nefertari Vivi

Nefertari Vivi is the princess of Alabasta and daughter of Nefertari Cobra and Nefertari Titi. She has a cute spot-billed duck named Carue that is sometimes her steed. When we met her first she was one of the members of the nefarious Baroque Works and her codename was Miss Wednesday. After revealing to the Straw Hat Pirates that she is actually a spy, working against Baroque Works she joins them for most of the Alabasta Saga. She left them after that but we do catch up on her in One Piece from time to time.

Luffy offered to her a spot in his crew but she declined, wanting to restore her country, she is still, however, close to the Straw Hats and they mutually see her as an honorary member. That includes Carue, her spot-billed duck. Nefertari Vivi and Carue are fan favourites and when we catch up with her in One Piece every now and then we are happy. She made a mark on us and we hope to see her kingdom Alabasta restored one day. Maybe then she can become a full-fledged member again.

Monkey D. Luffy wallpaper (size 1920 x 1080)

Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy

Anime Character Birthdays Week 1 of February

Let’s look at the Anime Character Birthdays for this week. Who knows maybe someone shares a birthday with one of us!

Anime Birthdays (January 01, 2016 – January 07, 2016)

January 2016
01 Matt/Mail Jeevas (Death Note)
02 Mylene Flare Jenius (Macross 7), Nefertari Vivi (One Piece)
03 Belvedere Coco (Vandread Taidouhen)
04 Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran High Host Club)
05 Lacus Clyne (Gundam SEED)
06 Nico Robin (One Piece), Mewtwo (Pokemon)
07 Aquarius Camus (Saint Seiya)

Notable Japanese Holidays and Festivals

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