Karaoke, everybody can be a star

Karaoke, everybody can be a star

We peek into the world of Karaoke

We all know karaoke. It is the singing of songs, to a music track (usually a MIDI), synchronized with lyrics and displayed on a screen. Chances are that you have been at a house party singing karaoke with your friends, or if you are older, went to a karaoke club. You probably have heard people butcher songs, or you have heard people who actually sing songs better than the original artists. Some of you might have been dared to go and sing by your friends, leaving them shocked, either by how bad you sing or how brilliant you capture the song.

Karaoke is a Japanese entertainment activity that became part of the world. The word karaoke comes from two Japanese words ‘kara’ meaning ‘empty’ and ‘ōkesutora’ meaning ‘orchestra’. In Japan, it can happen in two ways: usually in a private room with your friends or colleagues, with a waiter delivering drinks or at a karaoke bar. A private  room is very convenient – if you do not like to perform in front of a crowd of strangers, but do not mind singing in front of your friends, a private karaoke room is a great option.

Karaoke Dictionary

We included a dictionary with words that you might hear in Japan when going to a karaoke bar or room.

Singing karaoke alone is called Hitoka, which is an abbreviation of the words ‘hitori’ ‘one person’, or ‘alone’ and the word ‘karaoke’.

Jūhachiban (or Ohako)
There is always that one song everyone has that they are actually good at, a song where you can show off that you can actually sing well. In Japan, the term for that song is ‘Jūhachiban’.

Karamovie (or Movioke)
This is when you karaoke using scenes from a movie. Amateur actors do the dialogue instead of the original actors. (We all have that one friend who can quote whole parts from a movie and they are perfect for Karamovie)

Karaoke Jocky (or KJ)
A karaoke jockey manages and plays the music for a venue. They announce song titles as well as the person whose turn it is to sing.

Our video today feature a private room where a group of teenagers sing songs and have fun. Some of the Japanese songs you might recognize from anime series and there are some western songs covered as well. Just follow the link and enjoy: http://bit.ly/karaoke-room

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