Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom projects revealed

Assassination Classroom set to premiere in 2016

The past week and over the weekend Assassination Classroom news hit the anime scene. First there is the announcement that a second season of the popular anime and manga is set to premiere in January. All the voice cast and main staff is set to return for the second season of Assassination Classroom. This news is actually revealed today, Monday in the 44th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump!

In other news, there is also a spin-off manga series in the work named Koro-sensei Q! based on Yusei Matsui’s Assassination Classroom manga. It has been teased that Koro-sensei will become a demon king at the manga’s start.

Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom

Never seen the Assassination Classroom anime? Then imagine this: What do you get when a class of misfits tries to kill their new teacher, who happens to be an octopus with super strength and wacky powers? What do you do when your teacher destroys the moon and threatens to destroy the earth? And what if that teacher is actually the best teacher you ever had? To find out these answers, watch the anime!

The Assassination Classroom first season premiered in Japan on January 2015 and it ran for 22 episodes. There is also a live-action Assassination Classroom movie that opened in March 2015 and a second live-action movie is set to come out next year. There was even an Assassination-themed train called the Koro-train that ran in June on the Seibu Railway line from Ikebukuro Station to Toshimaen Station (from Toshima, Tokyo to Nerima, Tokyo). The even happened in June and passage was determined by a special lottery!

For those that have not given either the anime or Live-action movie a watch, here are some trailers. Please follow the links:

Assassination Classroom Anime trailer:

Assassination Classroom live-action trailer: