Naruto Shippuden Edition Charaben Orochimaru

Tsume Naruto Shippuden Orochimaru Dxtra

For many of us, Orochimaru needs no introduction. He is one of Konohagakure’s legendary Sannin and it was his life’s dream to know the secret to immortality so that the can learn all the secrets in the world. He is known for his inhumane unethical experiments and it was during one of those he was caught red-handed, and that caused him to defect from Konoha.

For years he plotted revenge and even went as far as execute one of his plans during one of the Chunnin exam. He is also known as the person that took Sasuke on as apprentice, promising the shinobi that it will help him with his revenge plans. He is many Naruto fanatiks’ favourite villain and the first true ‘boss villains’ we meet in the anime.

Name: Tsume Naruto Shippuden Orochimaru Dxtra
Release Date: July 2015
Size: 18 cm
Material: PVC
Weight: 0.7 kg
Scale 1/10
Manufacturer: Tsume
Artists: Cyril Farudja (Sculptor), Mickael Gros (Color Producer)
Anime/Manga/Game: Naruto Shippuden
Category Prepainted

This Limited Edition Orochimaru figurine includes one Orochimaru figure, its Kusanagi sword, its summoned snake, its base and its window box. Orochimaru is nicely armed with his Kusanagi sword, and with his summoned snake he looks ready for battle. Woe to the enemy that faces this formidable warrior.

Overall: A well-deserving 9.75











Paint Job – 9
The paint job is perfect and accurate. From Orochimaru’s perfect hair job to the amazing job they did with the shading. Even the eyes have soul, and capture the essence of Orochimaru, that of a snake seeking it’s prey.

Sculpting – 10
The sculptor, Cyril Fraudja, really knows his stuff. The snake looks very precise and Orochimaru’s pose looks fluid. The sword is very detailed. The sculpting is mind-blowing

Design – 10
Designed to perception. Orochimaru’s pale face, snake eyes and fanged mouth is just as we like him and the team working on the figurine took this to heart. This is top-notch high skilled work.

Display Worth – 10
It deserves a place in any collection. This level of sculpting skill is worth displaying in every collection


Tsume did it again and this reviewer is very impressed. The figurine is perfect and a winner. I love the intimidating atmosphere of the figurine, as it creates a sense of reality. Orochimaru looks as if he is ready for business, to catch his newest prey to experiment on. It will look great next to other Naruto Shippuden figurines, maybe enacting a scene from the anime. I want one and I am sure you do too, because this figurine is super sugoi!
Now if they can just make a similar figurine where Manda, the snake boss is summoned… man that serpent is huuuuge!

Reviewer: Ookami