New Digimon Adventures Tri promo and visual

Reminding us of new adventures awaiting us all later this year a new visual for Digimon Adventures Tri as well as a new promo featuring the song “Butter-Fly” by Kouji Wada showed up over the weekend.

Rather than bringing us a new season, Digimon Adventures Tri will be a six-chapter series of movies, the first one being “Saikai” (Reunion) which is scheduled for a December 18 release, after it’s four weeks theatrical release that will start on November 21.

Saikai’s ending theme will be performed by AiM (Ai Maeda) with the song ‘I Wish”. “Butter-Fly” will be the opening song. Also included is the insert song, ‘Brave Heart’ by Ayumi Miyazaki. These songs are all new recordings of songs from the original Digimon Adventure series. CDs featuring these songs will go on sale on November 25.

As we know it will revolve around a seventeen year old Taichi and friends, now facing new problems in both the real and digital worlds. From what we can see from the anime visual, it is going to be epic as usual.

Here is a link of the new Promo video. Please follow the link: