When Misty’s Pokémon nightmare really happens

Lovers of the Pokémon series might remember how Misty always went hysterical when surrounded by bug Pokémon. Even poor Butterfree will remember how Misty screamed her lungs out at the poor guy back when he was a Medapod and a Caterpie.

Now it seems art imitates life, well, in a way. On July 18th at the Japanese premiere of Pokemon The movie XY: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages, TOHO announced they would no longer sell the promotional Pokémon Popcorn box due to a bug infestation. (Poor Misty would have fainted has she been there). This was announced during the Pikachu short before the movie began.

Apparently is has been documented that these insects are 1-2 mm long and boxes stocked in theatres will be recalled and inspected. The company deeply apologized for the inconvenience this has caused but promised to sell the project again in the future, no bugs included of course.

But think of it, wouldn’t it be awesome to open a box of popcorn and find a REAL Butterfree in there. If only….

Article source: Yahoo Japan http://bit.ly/Pokemon_bug-infestation
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