Empire of Corpses teaser and theme song revealed

Late novelist Project Itoh is to be celebrated with a 3 anime films based on his work and the official website for the film released a video announcing the cast and theme song of the movie The Empire of Corpses.

The cast for this new movie includes Yoshimasa Hosoyathat plays John H. Watson, Ayumu Murase whom is casted as Friday and Taiten Kusunoki whom is casted as Frederick Barnaby.

The theme song for Empire of Corpses is the song Door by Egoist and it seems Egoist will do the theme song for the other two upcoming movies as well. Egoist is known for their work on the anime Psycho-Pass.

As for the three movies, The Empire of Corpses will open in theaters on October 2, Genocidal Organ will open in November and Harmony in December. Each movie will be done using a different anime house and director.

The plot for Empire of Corpses plays off in a cyberpunk 19th century Europe and tells the tale of John Watson, a man scouted by the government to become a spy. In this alternate world setting there are monsters that are like Dr. Frankenstein’s monsters, undead humans repossessed by false souls, used as slaves towards industrial development.

Project Itoh, the man who wrote the novel the movies are based on released Genocidal Organ as his first novel in 2007 and the final novel, Harmony in 2008. He also wrote a novel adaptation for Metal Gear Solid titles Metal gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots while he was treated for cancer. He died of cancer in 2009.

Here is the teaser, please take a look by following the link: http://bit.ly/Empire_of_Corpses_Teaser