Three more novels for the Naruto Franchise

The Shueisha’s Jump J Books label announced that there are three more books to be released in the Naruto series. The novels are titles: Naruto Dojunõ Ninden (Naruto: the Tale of the Utterly Purehearted shinobi), Itachi Shinden (The True Legend of Itachi) and Sasuke Shinden (The True Legend of Sasuke).

Naruto Dojunõ Ninden will be released in Japan on August 4 and the other two books in the fall season.

Naruto Dojunõ Ninden tells the origin of Jiraiya’s novel (the one Kakashi is always reading) Icha Paradise (Make-Out Paradise). It is about two people moving closer on a battlefield, pursing true happiness. It is about the battle between a man and woman romantically as well as in battle.

As you know it was the first of Jiraiya’s Icha Icha erotic novels and knowing the ‘ero-senin’ this book-about-a-book’s origins will be very funny.

Itachi Shinden and Sasuke Shinden respectively focuses on the brothers and their abilities to see what the normal eye misses, as well as the dark emotional elements ever present in their lives. It will give us a look into Itachi’s past as well as Sasuke’s future.

Already books have been released like Kakashi Hiden and Shikamaru Hiden. There will be more Naruto Shinden books coming, even after these new titles, so there is a lot to look forward to.

Also in the news, we have the latest Baruto: Naruto the Movie TV promo to show you.
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