New Horror to hit the Screens

Remember on the 21st of May we said that there is a mysterious anime on it’s way in our ‘An anime mystery blossoms’ article? It has finally been revealed what the mystery is.

As you remember this mystery started when KBC unleashed a mysterious looking website with graphics that reminded us of an old-fashioned newspaper of someone looking out at an island that looks like Gunkaijima (Battleship Island).

After weeks of pondering and guessing we finally found out that KBC (Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting) in collaboration with ILCA is producing two series of horror anime shorts.

The first series of shorts is the one we were teased with and it is called Kurayami Santa. The anime is set in 1960 Kyushu and is about Santa, a familiar from hell charged to keep the balance between hell and the human world. In this series he meets up with many supernatural creatures as well as humans.

What is interesting about this series is that it has been animated to look and feel like the black and white anime from the 1960s, and yes it will contain footage from Gunkinjima as well.

Voice talents like Kazuko Sugiyama and Ami Himesaki will play Santa Kurayami and Mutsuko Tomura respectively.

Kurami Santa will premiere on July 04. It will be 13 episodes of 5 minutes long.

The second series of shorts, named Kowabon is produced through rotoscoping live action footage. According to the website they say: “There are cameras everywhere in the world. Those ‘eyes’ have seen the world you do not know.’

Kyushu idols from the group LinQ, Natsu Amano and Yumi Takaki is set to play two of the characters.

Kowabon is set to premiere this fall and we will supply more information as more come to light.

For a look at the Kurayami Santa trailer please follow this link:

For a look at the Kowabon teaser, please follow this link:

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