Anime Character Birthdays Week 1 of June 2015

It is Anime Character Birthdays where we celebrate the birthdays of our animated heroes and who knows maybe they share a birthday with one of us!

Anime Birthdays (June 01, 2015 – June 07, 2015)

June 2015
01 Kannon Maldini (Code Geass)
03 Momo Hinamori (Bleach)
04 Yuugi Mutou (YuGiOh)
05 Tamami Konno (Tokimeki Memorial Girls’ Side)
06 Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangeleon) and Yu Kanda (D.Grayman)
07 Teru Mikami (Death Note)

Featuring our picture is Momo Hinamori from Bleach.