Bento Bites – Fairy Tail & Mushishi

It seems that next week’s Shonen Magazine plans to announce a second movie installment to the highly popular Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail.

This fantasy manga has been, as many of you know, been adapted into two TV Anime series and in 2012 the movie: Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Princess. More information will be revealed soon so keep watching this space for more.

In other news for fans of the anime Mushishi, we found the teaser trailer of Mushishi: Zku-Sho: Suzu no Shizuku (Mushishi: The Next Chapter: Suzu no Shizuku Arc) which opened in theaters across Japan on May 16 already.

This film is a special compilation of Suzu no Shizuku, the last two chapter arc of the main manga series which stars Yuto Nakano as Ginko and Tomomi Saito as Kaya.

This manga inspired two anime series, two anime specials, a stage reading and even a live-action movie.

Here is the link to the movie teaser trailer, so if you want a peek at what to expect, please follow our link: