Bento Bites – Rage of Bahamut & Digimon

Those of us that watched it, really enjoyed Rage of Bahamut. The two main human characters Favaro and Kaisar made us laugh almost the whole anime through with their constant bickering while dealing with extra-ordinary situations.

Fans of the Rage of Bahamut anime will then be happy to know that after a concert with music from the rage of Bahamut anime there was an announcement that there will be a second season of this awesome anime! I am sure some of us can’t wait to see the continued adventures of everybody’s favorite bounty hunters.

In other news, most of the anime scene was in confusion regarding Digimon Adventure Tri. It was thought to be a series like the first two seasons but it seems the next installment of everybody’s favorite is actually to be a six part movie series, only to be launched on November 6th. Sigh… And this was one of the anime series a lot of fanatiks were looking forward to for the Spring anime season, especially Ookami from AnimeFanatika that kept sulking that ‘it’s not fair to wait’ under his breath for a whole day.

There is more exciting news however if you liked the Black Jack anime about the prodigy medical doctor that can cure anything for a price. According to our sources it is rumoured that Young Champion is soon going to announce a TV Anime adaptation of Yosiaki Tabata and Yuugo Okuma’s Young Black Jack manga. It will be a prequel to the classic medical adventure series and will deal with the doctor still in medical school. Sugoi!