Terra Formars Live Action Movie: Guess who is Shokichi Komachi!?

While the news that the live-action movie of the brilliant sci-fi anime Terra Formars will start shooting in the middle of the month has us all still excited, even more sugoi news is that we have learned who will play Shokichi Komachi.

Shokichi Komachi debut was in the Terra Formars Ova 1 episode as well as the 1st Mission manga. He boasts the power of the scariest of Japans insects that have killed more Japanese than any other insect: the Japanese giant hornet.

Playing Shokichi Komachi will be Hideaki Ito! He played in Takashi Miike’s Spageti Wertern Parody movie Sukiyaki Western Django as the Gunman with Quentin Tarantino who played Piringo!

This movie is bound to blow our minds away, and if it is a fraction as sugoi as the anime, it surely will be talked about for years to come.

Interested in learning more about the Japanese Giant Hornet? Then please follow our link: http://goo.gl/CUoeFv