More Assassination Classroom! Yatta!

It has been revealed by the staff of the live-action adaptation of the Assassination Classroom manga that there will be a second season AND another live-action movie. Isn’t it sugoi!

The live-action sequel movie will be titled Ansatsu Kyoshitsu ~ Sotsugyo-hen (Assassination Classroom ~Graduation Edition~ and due to open in Japan in 2016.

For those who have not tried the anime here is a rundown on what it is about: a class of school students trying to kill their new teacher who happens to be a yellow octopus-like alien with super strength and bizarre abilities. This alien teacher has just destroyed the moon and threatens to destroy the Earth unless the students in his class can destroy him. Oh and he is the best teacher they ever had in that class, which complicates things further.

We will keep you up to date with further developments about the new sequel live-action movie and anime season so watch this space for more news!

Here is the official anime teaser trailer for Assassination Classroom: