Death Note now a Live-action TV series!!!!!

This anime almost needs no introduction. Death Note is highly popular and chances are that if you ask a passionate anime connoisseur about anime that stood out for him or her Death Note will be one of the anime he or she mentioned first. But for those that are new to anime or do not know much about this supernatural suspense anime, here is what it is all about:

Yagami Light is a top grade school student that really hates crime. Oneday he notices a notebook lying on the ground and see that the notebook has interesting abilities. With this notebook, or Death Note rather, he can put people to death by just writing their names in it. Yagami Light begins a self-justified quest to kill off all the criminals in the world by writing their names into the Death Note, and even gets his own ‘serial killer’ name: Kira. Soon he is also wrapped in a cat-and-mouse mind game with the police, trying not to get caught, until they call in an eccentric and highly intelligent criminologist named L to take Kira (Yagami Light) on. Oh, and helping Yagami Light, there is also a death god that came with the Death Note, The Shinigami, Ryuk. Well if I tell you anymore I will spoil the anime for you so look the anime up if you have not given it a try yet.

When Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata wrote the Death Note Manga I am sure they did not know just how popular it would have become. The 12-volume manga soon had it’s own 37 episode anime, three live-action movies, a spin-off novel in North America and even a musical.

Now, premiering in July there is the Live-Action TV Series as will be announced in the 21st issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine on Monday.

When we know more of the Live-Action series we will let you know so keep watching this space, minna!

Here is a fan made trailer or the anime. It looks sugoi and captures what the anime is all about pretty well! Have a look by following the link: