How to eat sushi

As Westerners we do not quite grasp the etiquette involved in eating the food of other cultures, but we can become culinary ninjas by learning the correct way of eating the correct way. Besides there is an ancient wise saying: ‘When in Japan, do as the Japanese do’.

Some of us live with the misconception that sushi MUST only be eaten with chopsticks and there were even fight amongst friends about t but, in truth it is more than okay to eat sushi with either the hands or chopsticks (Good news for those of us that have not master chopsticks quite yet)

If you are using your hands, hold the piece of sushi with your thumb, index and middle finger and dip the fish topping in the soy sauce. Do not dip the rice. And do not drown your sushi, as some of its exquisite flavours will be lost.

If you are using chopsticks, put your sushi on its side to pick it up, then dip the fish topping in the soy sauce. Remember do not dip the rice.

There we are, one step closer to be a food ninja. Go make us proud with your new knowledge.

We do not leave you empty-handed as we found an awesome video where a Japanese chef in fluent English explains the art of eating sushi while demonstrating his cooking skill. Please follow the link and enjoy the video with us:

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