Occult horror web novel spawns numerous projects

Multiple adaptations are in the works inspired by the Shisou Series, a couple of occult web horror novels. The novels include 113 short stories and there is also a manga adaptation out illustrated buy Shu Katayama. The novel series is written by Uni.

Now a TV anime, a live action movie (which will be a live action-anime hybrid) and TV series is on its way – the first of which the live action movie will be the first. The Live action adaptation was directed by Atsushi Shimizu (Nana to Kaoru) and the screenplay by Chiaki Konaka (The Big O). It will be released in Japan in 2016.

The story of the novels centres around Uni, a first year student that meets a senior student named ‘Shishou” that is a bit of a supernatural and paranormal fanatik. These two and friends investigate a lot of urban legends and paranormal phenomena.

A promotional video was released to announce the upcoming projects. Please follow the link to see the video: http://goo.gl/hooHzw