Fans versus Hollywood: Who makes better Dragon Ball Z Live-Action Adaptations?

This week a fan made series pilot were released on YouTube based on the ever popular Dragon Ball Z movie ‘History of Trunks.’ pilot, released by Robot Underdog is called ‘Light of Hope’ and is 15 minutes long.

This is an AnimeFanatika first impression article and definitely contains spoilers, so read at own risk!

Already the buzz is around the net that this pilot is better than Hollywood’s Dragonball Evolution and to be honest, it is. The most important part so far is that they did not fail in the one thing that makes a Dragonball story a Dragonball story – They did not alter the main characters lifestyle and personality. With Dragonball Evolution one big mistake that angered a lot of fans, was the fact that they made Goku a high-school student, which he never was in the manga and anime. Also Goku turned into Oozaru thanks to an eclipse and not the full moon. Sigh….

But with the fan made Light of Hope series pilot, Trunks and Gohan are as authentic as the original ‘History of Trunks Special’. Basically fans surpassed Hollywood and did not betray an important key ingredient.

The acting in the Light of Hope might not be mind-blowing, but it was enjoyable and he effects was quite impressive for a fan made web series. The set for the pilot was HUUUUGE and it is hard to find fault. This group of fans may just have trump Hollywood’s live-action movie adaptation skills this time

Now since it is called a pilot, I know we expect more and can’t wait to see the next episode. We would love to see your input as well, if you like this remake and if you think it is better than Dragonball Evolution. Here is a link to Light of Hope, so have a look: